Calum Duncan Architects
Calum Duncan Architects Model Making


We are interested in working with clients that wish to work closely and collaboratively to produce an end product that would otherwise not be possible, where the potential of a site or existing building is mutually valued and cared for.  These are simple terms which involve a willingness to work with clarity, honesty and an open mind to possible outcomes. Time, consideration and care will be given in order to provide appropriate collaborative solutions which are made from simple aspirations: sunlight, view, connection to adjacent spaces, proximity to the outside and making every space work hard in function and character. Our proposals will not work against an existing site condition or building, but work with the existing attributes, while resolving elements which are detrimental or inefficient.


Clarity of process

At each work stage we will ensure communication is straight forward and ensure the understanding of aspiration between client and architect is clear, with a legible recording before moving on to the following work stage. This will include an agreed brief, description of works and drawings. A valued part of any client consultation will be to listen carefully and not jump to conclusions before developing a proposal. Our experience has shown that a lack of clarity and understanding of client’s requirements by the architect, or unclear architectural proposals are common problems that may only present themselves later on, often involving redesigns, cost overruns or disappointment when the project is complete.



We will always be clear about what my fee includes or does not and we understand that clients respect transparency and will always highlight any variance from what our fee allows for before progressing any additional work that may be useful or necessary. We will always ensure the fee basis is fair and reasonable. It is our intention, at the end of the offices first year, to publish a statement on the offices income in order that clients can understand the value for money of our services.


Presenting Ideas

The method in which I present proposals will vary depending on that which may be most appropriate for a given situation, however we are particularly interested in sketch drawings and physical models which I find most engaging for myself during the design process, which we believe are most useful to the client. Built models are particularly tangible to articulate and test ideas, shapes, spaces or materials.