Spottiswoode Road

The idea of a family home within Edinburgh’s city centre is a rare thought. This alteration to a main door tenement flat utilizes a centrally located box room to provide a through connection between the front and rear of the house while adding flexibility in its use as a study, guest room and general family use as an ante space to the adjacent kitchen/ living spaces. The use of two sets of glazed doors, not unlike a more European arrangement, allows the study to be enclosed when need be. The general flexibility gives the public spaces enough flow and spill out to allow a generous two bedroom flat to function comfortably as a family home.  There is a fruitful balance between open modern living and the practical benefits of the traditional room. Additionally, the front to back connection maximizes the sunlight such that, in the morning the rear of the property benefits from morning light, and vice versa in the evening.


Location:  Marchmont, Edinburgh

Client:  Private Residents

Completed:  2010

Contract value:  £40 000

Greatest challenge:  Once the initial design concept was established, the challenges become limited, but attention to detail while keeping a close eye on budget was required.